e-volve your business and
workplace performance

with cloud-powered speed and flexibility, optimized team productivity , and data-driven business analytics and insights

Providing Professional Cloud Computing Solutions

Acquire a large storage capacity and automatic software integration with our help. Located in Pinecrest, FL, e-level Cloud Services is a “born-in-the-cloud” company that is dedicated to providing you with first-rate solutions for architecture design, computing delivery, and managed services.


Skilled and Experienced

As Amazon Web Services and Microsoft business partners, we have gained invaluable insights that helped us improve our understanding of the information technology industry.

What We Offer

We provide consultation, implementation, and support for the following:

  • We help improve our costumer’s productivity and collaboration.

  • We collaborate with our customers to reduce the risk of information security issues in three pillars: identity, data, and devices.

  • We work with our customers on the modernization of their workspace, mobility and life cycle.

  • Regulatory compliance, alignment to audit controls and other...

  • We are specialists in deploying infrastructure in public clouds, we build hybrid solutions to achieve the maximum benefit of the elastic power of the cloud.

  • Analysis and migration of Apps to the cloud.

  • Design, Provision and Operation.

  • Managed Services.

  • We help you obtain valuable information from existing data in your corporate systems, streamline decision-making and strategic business knowledge.
    The methods for obtaining such information are:

  • RegressionsAllows you to predict numeric values; like; seasonal sales forecast.

  • Segmentation Allows you to identify the different segments and their respective characteristics.

  • Classification Determines to which segment; new entries belong to, or classify new entries into default classes; like: credit scoring, classification of potential delinquent and non-delinquent clients of financial institutions and other.

  • Anomaly detection Allows you to identify outliers in time series. For example, detection of possible frauds, detection of atypical seasons in sales, high or low, etc…

  • Recommendations Allow you to assign similar options to a particular product. For example, you can correlate different products to bid additional, correlation offer through historical purchases.

  • Enables review and validation of Business Processes

  • Reduce "Time to Market".

  • Increases software quality.

  • Increases speed in the development process.

  • Improves work between the business, development and operational teams.

  • Software development governance.

  • Generation of High Level Architecture of the Solution.

  • Design and execution of solutions.

  • Attention of Functional and non-functional requirements.

  • Creation of value from "User Stories"

  • 24/7 on-demand support and technical information for HW and OS

  • Best practics and use cases for productivity and colaborational tools

  • Ticket escalation too third-party vendors

  • An evolution from a service provider into a business partner

  • Tight Budgets and reduced investments

  • Improvement of technology areas to support business strategies

  • Effective Innovation

  • Adequate resources with the required business and technology capabilities

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